Monthly Workshops: What do I want to do on the future and how to achieve it?

As part of the monthly workshops, scholarship recipients from the program from Caminos de Accion’s (CdA) and el Centro de Intercambio y Solidaridad’s (CIS) had a session of discussion about how to set their goals for the future and how to achieve those goals.

In El Salvador, and especially in impoverished rural communities like Tehuiste Arriba and Tehuiste Abajo, planning for the future can be a something difficult to achieve for younger generations, particularly when they have urgent necessities to fulfill in their households.

Along with their parents, the scholarship recipients were happy to share their dreams and goals for the future, and discuss their ideas about how education is part of the path to achieve their goals.

For many of them, violence and poverty are their biggest threats, along with the lack of opportunities in rural areas for young people. But even when they identify these threats, they are very optimistic about how they want to pursue their goals.