Additional potential beneficiary families for the Pilas project

In July, Caminos de Accion and the Association of Community Law (ADESCO in Spanish) of Tehuiste Arriba and Tehuiste Abajo had a meeting where they received 20 more applications from families of the local community to be part of the extension of the pilas project.

During the first part of the project, over 40 families in the communities of Tehuiste Arriba and Tehuiste Abajo received a new “pila” for their homes. The pilas, made of cement, are used for storing water, washing clothes, and various additional proposes around the house.

The 20 families that presented their request for the project are, in the majority of cases, families with a lot of needs. For them to quality for a new pila, a final meeting and several socio-economic studies will need to be completed.

If you want to support this effort from CdA, please donate to this project and help us bring a better quality of life to families in need from Tehuiste Arriba and Tehuiste Abajo.