Monthly Workshops: Empowerment for Scholarship Recipients

As part of the scholarship program of Caminos de Acción (CdA) and el Centro de Intercambio y Solidaridad (CIS), during the month of March and April workshops have been given in the communities of Tehuiste Arriba and Tehuiste Abajo, home to our scholarship recipients, addressing issues of interest to scholars that have a great impact in their communities.

Where the Water Flows

Water is flowing in Tehuiste!!! We've been working on and supporting this project since September 2012 in La Paz, El Salvador, and in the meantime, families have had to walk at least two hours in one direction for a bucket of water, they've had to play political games with the mayor of their district, and they've built their own community water tank and dug the ditches for the piping to their own homes. And now they have water flowing from a deep, rich well directly to their homes. 

What's Next?

Now that the water is flowing, the people of Tehuiste need a place in their homes to store and use the water. This is where our pila campaign comes into play. Pilas are a common device used in the area to store water, wash, do laundry, etc. CdA is currently in the process of purchasing and delivering pilas to applicants in the village. 

We need your help. Can you please consider donating to our cause? Any donation makes a huge impact on the daily lives of the people of Tehuiste. With your help we can ensure that our water project is utilized to its maximum potential! 


Matea Portillo - Water for Tehuiste

Matea Portillo

Matea Portillo lives in a home with three other people, two who are children. Their home is made of thin, rusted sheet metal that offers little protection from the elements. The home has no electricity or running water. Unfortunately, Matea's family has no income at the moment. 

Can you help Matea and her family get a pila for their home? Any donation will have a profound effect on their lives and will help them live with the dignity that they deserve. 


World Water Day – Water for Tehuiste

Calling all CdA supporters! World Water Day is coming up on March 22nd. Our ongoing water project in the community needs your help. CdA is providing pilas (pila = water storage receptacle + sink) to homes in the community. Over the next two weeks we will be posting profiles of some of the applicants to the program, leading up to World Water Day, in a fundraising drive to raise $2,000.

If you’re able, please consider a donation to our organization. Any amount helps – no number is too small. With your help we can meet our fundraising goal of $2,000 by World Water Day on March 22nd.

María Santos Hernández

María Santos Hernández has five children; two girls and three boys. A pila in her home would greatly improve the quality of life of her large family. María suffers from chronic osteoporosis, which leaves her constantly bedridden.

Her husband left the family for another woman, abandoning the family in their adobe home. With a monthly income of only $40, she often struggles to make ends meet.

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A Healthy Dose of Education

On March 4th 2015 CdA hosted the first of a continued series of health talks to the residents of Tehuiste. This first talk focused on the subjects of Dengue and Chikungunya, two prevalent viruses transmitted by mosquitoes. Our health specialists discussed the causes of the diseases, common symptoms to look out for, and what actions to take if the virus has infected someone. Medicine will be delivered and administered for those showing symptoms as they become available. 

Talent Becomes Action

Talent Becomes Action

CDA's Artisan Crafts Project, Artisans for Action

Caminos de Acción works with a small, women-led co-op named Las Tinecas, located in San Martin, El Salvador. The co-op creates paper earrings for Caminos de Acción through a technique known as quilling, which involves tightly rolling strips of paper into unique designs. Part of the proceeds from the earring sales go directly to co-op members who are paid a fair wage for each pair of earrings they make, while the rest of the proceeds help facilitate Caminos de Acción's local community development projects.

We. Did. It.

We. Did. It.

WE.DID.IT. With a final fundraising goal of $4,000, we raised $4,035! And in the 2.5

months that this campaign has spanned, a water tank, digging for the main piping from

the well to the tank, and piping to several houses has been completed in the community

of Tehuiste. All with YOUR support and solidarity.