Monthly Workshops: Empowerment for Scholarship Recipients

As part of the scholarship program of Caminos de Acción (CdA) and el Centro de Intercambio y Solidaridad (CIS), during the month of March and April workshops have been given in the communities of Tehuiste Arriba and Tehuiste Abajo, home to our scholarship recipients, addressing issues of interest to scholars that have a great impact in their communities.

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Where the Water Flows

Water is flowing in Tehuiste!!! We've been working on and supporting this project since September 2012 in La Paz, El Salvador, and in the meantime, families have had to walk at least two hours in one direction for a bucket of water, they've had to play political games with the mayor of their district, and they've built their own community water tank and dug the ditches for the piping to their own homes. And now they have water flowing from a deep, rich well directly to their homes. 

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A.J. McBride