Sustainable Homes Project

Many of the citizens of Tehuiste live in homes in poor condition, often in nothing more than mud adobe and bamboo homes with straw roofing. Citizens run dangerous electrical connections to their homes and risk electric shock or fire. In line with this, CdA is working to raise capital to build permanent cement block homes with access to water, electric, and sewer utilities. These will provide families with a safe environment and protection from the rain and dangerous conditions.

This is our most ambitious - and expensive - project to date. With your help we can partner with the community to provide quality homes for decades to come.

Some project specifics include:

  • $3,830/house (not including manual labor)
  • 10 initial homes with more added at a later date
  • Family and community provide manual labor
  • Cement Block Homes:  Area of 26.10 square meters with a minimum height of 2.50 meters and a maximum height of 3.00 meters