Educate & Empower

“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.”

- Nelson Mandela

We believe in the power of education to transform lives, communities and futures. That’s why we provide high school and university scholarships for Salvadoran youth to realize their dreams and become agents of change in their community.

Meet our scholarship recipients…

overcoming barriers to education

In El Salvador, public education is free only through the ninth grade and high school is considered higher education. Many families are unable to afford the costs of uniforms, textbooks and transportation that are necessary to send their child to school. We are working to remove these barriers by expanding access to education in Tehuiste through high school and university scholarships for youth to pursue their dreams and create a ripple effect throughout their community.

Breaking gender barriers

Providing youth with increased access to education improves not only individual quality of life, but also that of the surrounding community. We offer support in many forms, including teaching young mothers about nutrition and sanitation; facilitating girls’ access to education; and building self-esteem to help shield women from gender-based violence. We aim for girls to come away from our programs with a comprehensive toolkit of life skills that they can draw upon and pass on to their own daughters and friends.


The CdA scholarship program continues to expand access to education while developing the next generation of community leaders. Our partnership with Centro de Intercambio y Solidaridad (CIS) has seen the program grow from 4 students in 2015 to 14 students in 2019. Overall we’ve seen 12 students graduate from high school and 6 continue on to university since 2015. We’ve seen the scholarship students grow as leaders and make a real impact in their community as they dedicate 8 hours per month to leading a project that positively impacts the community. Together we are empowering youth to break free from the cycle of poverty and become the writers of their own future.


Become a Champion for Change Today

$37 or $445

Monthly or yearly scholarship cost for 1 youth to attend high school. Typical investment of two to three years.

$115 or $1,380

Monthly or yearly scholarship cost for 1 youth to attend university. Typical investment of five to six years.