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Our Impact

Tehuiste Abajo and tehuiste Arriba - El salvador

Caminos de Acción has worked in El Salvador - Tehuiste Arriba and Tehuiste Abajo - since 2012. If you look for the village Tehuiste on Google Maps in the La Paz department in El Salvador, you have to find the two country roads that converge between San Rafael Obrajuelo and San Juan Nonualco. Somewhere in that unmarked land are the two joint communities of Tehuiste Abajo and Tehuiste Arriba (Los Tehuistes). 

Today, 150 families call Los Tehuistes home and together we’re overcoming barriers to empower individuals and build a brighter future.



families impacted

Clean water is now a reality for families in Los Tehuiste with the completion of a water system in 2015.



youth empowered

Our scholarship program empowers youth to reach for their dreams and become agents of change in their community. We have 14 current students and 12 program graduates.



years in the community

We’ve worked in solidarity with our friends in Los Tehuiste since 2012.