Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

Clean water fights illnesses, improves quality of life, and helps grow local economies.

WASH in Tehuiste

We know that water is life. Yet for the community of Tehuiste Abajo and Tehuiste Arriba, access to clean water is a daily struggle. The local water source — the river — is dry for six months of the year leaving the community to gather water from puddles or women/children to walk miles to other communities in search of water. The community’s water is highly contaminated with feces and E. coli, and 82% of the population has parasites from fecal-oral contamination. We’re continuing our work with the local government and citizens to change this as we envision a day when the entire community has access to safe, clean water.


Our Progress

We’re committed to ensuring the community has access to clean water and adequate sanitation and hygiene conditions. Check out a few of our recent WASH projects:

wATER Access

Water is flowing in Los Tehuistes thanks to CdA’s partnership with the locally elected Water and Sanitation Committee. Since 2013, the community has invested their time and resources to support the development of a water system complete with the building of a water well, installation of home piping and storage tanks. Read more…

Water filters

Water filters save lives. Since 2013, 60 families have contributed $10 to receive a water filter to reduce water-borne illnesses. It only takes $85 to provide one family with access to clean water for 10 years including a water filter, WASH workshops and educational materials, and a medical examination. Learn more…

water storage

What is a pila? A pila is unique to El Salvador and functions as a water storage receptacle, sink, and laundry all at once. Sharing the costs with the community, CdA, in partnership with ADESCO and the water committee, has installed more than 40 pilas improve lives in Tehuiste. Read more…