Water Access Project

Equal Water Access Initiative

The people of Tehuiste have struggled for years to gain access to a reliable source of water. Each year the community’s one source of water - the river - dries up, forcing families to drink from puddles and women and children to walk miles to other communities in search of water.

CdA has been actively working with the community since 2014 to provide reliable water access. During this time a well has been dug and the local government has been lobbied with and convinced to complete the project with an industrial water filter, pumping station, and utility service to Tehuiste homes.  With your help, we will continue to bring:

  • Piping to individual homes

  • Receptacles and sinks in individual homes

  • Septic systems for homes and two schools

The water system will save lives and energy every year. Women will be able to spend less time hauling water and more time filtering it to prevent water-borne diseases in their families. They will also have the opportunity to focus more on their personal development for the betterment of themselves, their families and their community.