Clean water is a human right

We believe every single person should have access to clean and safe water. Clean water fights illnesses, improves quality of life, and helps grow local economies. 


Building hope one house at a time

Many of the families in Tehuiste are living in homes made of mud, plastic, and rusty metal walls and roofs. Our goal is to empower the community to transform their village with quality, sustainable homes. 


When the river runs dry

Tehuiste has struggled for years to gain access to water. Each year the only source of water, the river, dries up, forcing families to drink from puddles and women and children to walk miles to other communities in search of water. CdA works with the local government and citizens to help provide a reliable water source for the community. 


A different way to store water

What is a pila? A pila is unique to El Salvador and functions as a water storage receptacle, sink, and laundry all at once. Sharing the costs with the community, CdA is actively working to provide a pila to every home in Tehuiste.


farming for the future

Farming is a way of life in Tehuiste, providing both jobs and food for the community. Food availability is one the factors affecting the safety and nutrition of Salvadoran families. Partnering with the community, CdA is educating families how to grow sustainable crops and an alternative way to produce and consume fresh and healthy products with a focus on a balanced diet.


Learning a healthier way of life

Due to water and food contamination, as well as a lack of sanitation and hygiene education, many people in the community are used to illness as a normal part of daily life. Education is the best way to improve living standards. Working with local health and social organizations in El Salvador, CdA is teaching the community that there is a better, healthier way to live through health and sanitation talks on a monthly basis. 


building leaders, changing lives

Local leaders inspire members of the community to meet and exceed the goals and objectives of various CdA sponsored programs. An individual with leadership qualities inspires others to strive for success. Effective local leaders are essential to the ongoing mission of CdA as well as the growth and development of the local community. Working with the community, CdA is fostering leadership qualities in young Salvadorans. 


Respect and care for the Earth

Earth, the pale blue dot. A living, breathing organism. The Earth is our only home, providing everything we need from food, water, clothing, shelter, and medicine. Our planet is a fragile place that can damaged easily. Working with local community leaders, CdA is educating the population on various sustainable ways of living within their local environment.


Scholarship Program

Knowledge is power

Public education in El Salvador is free only through the ninth grade; high school is considered higher education. To attend high school, students must cover the costs of uniforms, books and, because schools are usually far from their homes, transportation. CdA strives to provide access to higher education through scholarships/fellowships/loans for students entering high school and university. Salvadoran youth who receive an education are better able to earn income, have fewer unwanted pregnancies and are more likely to break the cycle of poverty.