Our Programs

El Salvador is the smallest and most densely populated country in Central America. We’re working in solidarity with the communities of Tehuiste Abajo and Tehuiste Arriba - known as Los Tehuistes - to advance progress toward a day where everyone has access to quality education, zero hunger and clean water & sanitation. Together we will empower individuals, transform the community, and forever break the cycle of poverty.

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farming for the future

Access to healthy, nutritious food, safe from pesticides is high on the priority list for the community. This year, we kicked off organic agriculture workshops to educate and empower as we work toward more sustainable and healthy futures. Explore how the community is transforming their health and livelihoods as we contribute to achieving Sustainable Goal #2 - Zero Hunger.

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education scholarship program

We believe in the power of education to transform lives, communities and futures. That’s why we provide high school and university scholarships for students to pursue their dreams and become agents of change in their community. Read more on how we’re expanding access to education and contributing to addressing Sustainable Goal #4 - Quality Education.

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water, sanitation & hygiene

Adequate water, sanitation and hygiene conditions allow communities to thrive and break the cycle of poverty. Our water, sanitation and hygiene program (WASH) responds to the changing needs in Los Tehuistes to improve access and sustainability for all. Read more about our WASH programs and plans to ensure the community has access to clean water and adequate sanitation and hygiene as we work toward Sustainable Development Goal #6 - Clean Water & Sanitation.